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Teaching and Learning with the Heart and Brain in Mind Workshop  Series

Teaching and Learning with the Heart and Brain in Mind is based on three pillars:

1. Heart- emotion literacy is powerful and important

2. Brain- neuroscience and psychology inform our practice

3. Mind- being kind to your mind is foundational for a happy, healthy life


Do you want to create a harmonious learning environment where learners thrive? 

Do you want to better understand the learners in your care? 

Do you want to learn more about how the brain works so you can support your learners?

Do you want to improve your relationships with the learners in your care? 

What you will learn: 

Strategies to support students develop emotional literacy

Tools to support learners to manage big emotions and increase focus

Ways to build understanding of brain development and function

How to improve relationship building with students

Why the power of co-regulation is a important

Why neuroplasticity is a powerful thing to know about

And so much more!

About the presenter: 

Megan Gallagher is a professional coach and experienced teacher who is passionate about using neuroscience to improve our teaching, learning and relationships. When presenting, whether it be online or in person, Megan creates meaningful and engaging sessions for participants where they step away feeling inspired and empowered to take action.

Teacher Aides, teachers, parents, caregivers, coaches- you are all welcome. 

Online, Tuesday May 7th, 14th and 21st - 3.30-5pm

3 sessions for $79.00 p.p. 

Please contact us for school price for your whole staff to attend 


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