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Get your Spark on


Spark my Life

Meg will support you to thrive by helping you clarify the values you live by, breaking through unhelpful beliefs that hold you back, setting realistic goals with you and developing effective tools and strategies that you can use to manage the ups and downs of life.


This can be done face to face or via Zoom

I started as a practicing Life Coach to help people to live healthier, richer lives. Together we work to unpack your own unique strengths and develop tools that will help you move through the ups and downs of life with grace, empathy and energy. It’s all about keeping it real and working as a team. My job is to support you to set realistic goals and then coach you on your way to achieving them- you get to do the work of making it happen and get the real rewards for your efforts. 

If you have any questions about my methods, or would like to schedule a consultation, please get in touch today.

Discovery call

Your first thirty minute session with Meg is a discovery call and is obligation free. This is a time for you to find out more about what coaching involves and to share what you are hoping to get out of our work together.

We do this free so that both you and Meg feel you're compatible and you feel safe in the knowledge that Meg knows her stuff and can help you forward

Individual Life Coaching Sessions

 These sessions are all about igniting your spark and working towards the life you want to live in small, achievable ways that can make a big difference. You will receive a tailored action plan after each session.

We discuss frequency and number of the sessions together and work out a package that best suits your needs. 

3 Hour Group Package

Our 3 hour group package gives you an individual thirty minute Discovery Call plus three one-hour coaching sessions that will help you get clear on what you value and start on the journey to being who you want to be. These sessions are delivered in a small, intimate group. We meet regularly, and you will have a tailored action plan after each session.

Client Feedback

I simply cannot overstate the positive shift that Megan has facilitated in my professional life.  She is determined to provide the best service and is diligent in achieving the task of delivering a bespoke model of coaching support to her partners. She makes regular contact throughout the term to check in and is always available as a sounding board if I have any questions.

(Coaching Client- Leadership, professional and personal) 

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