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About Meg

To serve the people I am lucky to live and work with, with energy, empathy and enthusiasm, to help create a kinder, healthier world in which we can all learn, grow and thrive

Ever since I was a child I wanted to be a teacher, my dream came true and so much more. I have had a wonderful career in a variety of settings and have learned a lot. My greatest fascination has been learning about the brain. In my various roles I have been a teacher, coach, accountability partner, motivator and communicator in equal measures.

I started Ignite Your Spark because I want to do more and give more to more people. It is my greatest privilege to see others thrive. Helping individuals and groups to ignite their spark and go out there being their best selves is what drives me- it always has and I believe it always will.

It seems like so many people are struggling though. I know what it feels like to have lost your spark, to struggle finding motivation, to feel lost and aimless. The effort it takes to show up when you are in that space is enormous. When you are in this space you struggle to bring your best self to your relationships, your work, your play; you become disconnected from your values and removed from your dreams and goals. It saddens me to see so many people miss out on the rich lives they could be living and everyone around them missing out on the greatness they can offer. Now more than ever we need to be igniting our sparks, the world needs more people who are alive, connected and motivated to share their gifts.


You deserve to thrive and I want to help you. 

  • As a personal coach I can help you focus on your values and create a vision of the rich life you want to live; I help you take action through accessing your own wisdom. I can be an accountability buddy for you. 

  • As a professional coach with you or your team I can help you identify your values and work in a way that aligns your goals and those of your team or organisation.  

  • As a professional development provider I can support teachers and schools to create engaging local curriculum, increase student agency, improve learning through teaching with the heart and brain in mind. 

  • As a consultant I can review your content to ensure it is educationally robust and I can help create content to support engaging learning for your team or users. 

I share what I have learned with enthusiasm and empathy to inspire those around me. Importantly, I work alongside you to define your desired outcomes and then give of my best to help you meet these outcomes, if not exceed them!

Please feel free to get in touch to see if there is a way I can help you reach your vision.  

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