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Professional Reading- Get into it!!!

I'll admit it, I am a nerd. Always have been but for a while after I finished studying to be a teacher I was reluctant to do professional reading. To be honest, I was only interested if it was something that had a direct impact on what I was doing here and now and would much rather go to a course than read.

That all changed when I worked with a leader who valued professional reading hugely. He was someone I respected greatly for the way he lead and his broad knowledge. As I observed how he worked I noticed him often referring to what he had read. He lit a fire, a thirst for knowledge in me, and so my love-affair with professional reading began.

Later I returned to formal study part-time and I found then that I really enjoyed the shared reading experience. We were learning online but reading the same material and I found I got so much more from the reading through the discussion with others. It expanded, and often challenged, my thinking. When I finished my study I missed the shared reading experience so much that I started a professional bookclub for teachers which then became the Teachers Matter Bookclub and I am proud to say it's still going five years later.

Each year we explore at least three books that offer scope for professional and personal development. It is an absolute joy to create the reading guides and share the learning in our online chats. I have found extra layers to books I have read several times through the discussions, and the community we have built around our shared reading is something that makes it joyous too.

What is your relationship with professional reading? Is there space in your week to read and research to improve your practice? What other benefits can you gain from professional reading?

If you are interested in joining in please click the link here or below to find out more, we have a new book starting early July.

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